lethargic bobbing

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hey guys,

isolde has recently started what appears to be bobbing, its in a slow mannor tho, its like slow press ups. Tristan saw him doing this and began to then vigerously bob, both are males of same age. could this be a sign that they will attack eachother and should they be kept seperated at all times from now on?

i know this may seem inappropriate for the ER forum but it is just the slowness of isoldes bobbing made me worry that it was not beardy bobbing but that he could be in distress?


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They do bob slowly sometimes. One of mine is so lazy that he headbobs so slow and slight, it is funny.
But you definitely do need to separate them, it is and can be a sign of dominance, and beardies do much better alone. You could wind up with a beardie that is injured or worse.
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