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Hello friends! I'm new here but I joined this community to discuss my dude, Spock. So Spock was from Petsmart (I know, I'm ashamed). But anyway, I have had him since Oct 2023 and from day 1, he was always active and spunky. Spock is super sweet. He has always been easy to handle. I did extensive research before bringing him home. I had the same set up as I do now. Spock never had a change in his personality. He always had a good appetite and ate his daily salad and always eats his calcium dusted insects. He's happy, he runs around and we take him out of his enclosure daily for extra exercise and he is just naturally curious. He just seems like a happy little guy. But back in Nov, I noticed a slight bump on his spine and freaked out. I took him to a vet for his initial check up and got the green light that he was healthy. So I called the vet again asking about this lump, and he decided that I should change up my UVB from coil to tube. I tried it and it didn't seem to change anything. Spock was still doing his thing and eating and going to the restroom normally. Anyway in December, we noticed the little bump had formed into a hump so we brought him into the vet and got x rays done and tested his blood. The results were sooo confusing! Not MBD.. which I was worried about.. but he didn't show any symptoms so I wasn't surprised.. the doctor said it could be a birth defect or maybe trauma he experienced before I got him. He said Spock has Kyphosis, curvature of the spine resulting in a hump along the back. We went through Spock's set up and diet extensively, I brought in all the calcium and vitamins used, went over his schedule and the vet said that I was doing everything right and I followed his suggestions from the very first visit. Spock is still active as hell, he has no issues walking or running about. He is eating normally, pooping normally and just seems super happy and normal except for the hump. My question to you guys: has anyone else dealt with this? And how is it having a beardie with a hump? I feel like a horrible parent because I could t prevent this. Even though my vet said that it could very well be poor breeding considering where I got him. But still. I feel like a failure. I love Spock and he hasn't given me any trouble.. but I can't help but feel guilty when I look at him. Any thoughts?


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Hi there,

Do you have the x-rays to post so we can see them? Same with the blood test results?

How did your vet determine it wasn't MBD?

Based on the picture alone, that is classic MBD with curvature of the whole spine (including the tail) along with the hump at the shoulders.

Your vet was right to recommend switching from the coil UVB to a tube. The coil's just aren't strong enough for bearded dragons, and don't do a good job of providing UV to the whole enclosure. Unfortunately, the change in UVB would not have changed the MBD issues. It still is something you need to do though. MBD will continue to get worse if the cause isn't fixed. You can't reverse it, but you can stop it.

Did you end up getting a tube uvb? Which one. Can you post pictures of your enclosure so we can help make sure everything is adequate for your guy.


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Oh bless him, that does look like metabolic bone disease to me also. Which tube bulb are you
using? I would recommend using a liquid calcium to help keep things from progressing. Can he
get around pretty well, climb, etc?
Definitely post some pictures of your tank setup for us, just so we can see how things are setup for
Let us know how he is doing.


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I have 2 rescue with varying degrees of mbd. As Brandon said it is critical to get the correct uvb. You can't reverse spinal deformities but you can stop it from getting worse. Other stuff like trimmers although not completely reversible can be mitigated enough to be near normal with good husbandry. My 1st rescue has an arched spin and always will. She was paralyzed in the rear when we got her. With proper care she has regained use of her legs but will alwats have the hump. The 2nd had trimmers so bad she could barely eat on her own. Now the only time I ever see a trimmeris if she is super focused on a bug 🐛.
Spookcan still live a long normal life but you will need to be very diligent with your husbandry.
That is the hump Ruby has. It causes her to be clumsy and to have a disjointed gate but she is feisty as can be and can get gone in a flash.


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