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Hiccup he is 4 and Blaze is 3
wow so I should actually be feeding about 8-10 more dubias than I am currently feeding him. Thank you so much for the help Im very glad I posted here. I want him to have the best life possible.
Depending on the size of the dubias- you want appropriate size they will eat more if the roach is smaller- please don't feed them bigger than than space between the eyes-


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Zen , Ruby ,Snicker Doodles, Sweet Pea, Sinatra
Just an fyi, if you have trouble getting you beardie to drink, you can use an eyedropper to drip it on his nose and he should start to lap it up. If he doesn't you can add a little none citrus juice to give it flavor. Just remeber to go at his pace, and don't force it into his mouth that could cause him to aspirate.
Also if you add the juice in, use a wet paper towel or wet wash cloth to wipe away any that runs down his chin, no need in taking a chance of starting a fungal or bacterial problem in his scales.
One more thing also, at bath time don't run the water deeper than his elbows, they use the same muscle group to walk and to breathe, they can't do both at the same time. They can drown very quickly if they can't stand up in the water. (You probably know this ,but it's worth mentioning). 🙂


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Hey everyone! First time beardie owner here. Meet Diego. I got him 3 weeks ago, he is about 12 inches long at 5 months old. Im currently keeping him in a 40 gallon breeder but plan to upgrade to a 4x2x2 at least when he grows up. Im currently feeding him 10-12 medium Dubia roaches with collard greens spread between 2-3 feeding sessions daily. Im so excited to watch him grow up :)
Is he a normal morph?
It's exciting to watch and learn from them.
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