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Our 2-3 year old (rescue) female Cuban Rock Iguana has been a little rounder than normal the past few weeks and hasn't been eating well until last week. She started eating a lot and spending a lot of time trying to get out, very unlike her. When I'd take her out she didn't stay on my shoulders like she normally does. She's been so adventurous we even let her free roam yesterday for a few hours. She had a great time basking in the sun.

This morning I noticed her burrowing in her substrate again, as she's been doing a lot of the past week. When I went to get her food bowl out I saw the eggs. She bobbed me a bit and burrowed again. I removed the eggs without a problem.

Unfortunately our 3.5 year old male is WAY TOO BIG to mate with her, like maybe 2 lbs vs. maybe 8 lbs. Maybe be in a year or two if we can get her to eat better.

We were told (by the original rescuer that had her for 1.5 years) she had her first infertile clutch last June.


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