Increased CPK compared to past, after purposely reduce Calci


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Recent blood test for Devlyn! Our big goal this year was to lower her calcium blood level. Because while it was overall okay it kept going up & up. Which would be bad. My vet hypothesized if Devlyn is making eggs she was resorbing the materials. She is 2 years and 11 months old. Has never laid eggs.

Have a pic of her previous year tests and the recent test from this week in text below.

Her CPK while "normal" is much higher than previous years. My vet wasn't concerned at the CPK because it is in the normal reference range. I'm not so convinced...

We are also changing her calcium supplement to try and stabilize around a 2:1 Ca:p, so only a slight increase from the current 1.8:1 ratio is the goal the next 6 months. My vet would like us to get back to and stay around 15mg/dL. Currently 11.9mg/dL.

CPK values 73 to 138 to 68 to a current 2307 IU/L which is a big jump comparatively.

Could the increased CPK be related to purposely lowering her calcium supplement?

Her most recent meal on 7/16/21 was a pinky mouse! She also has had greens. She didn't hesitate to eat the pinky and has pooped since the mouse. This was a one time thing to help boost her calcium before she brumates in a few weeks (maybe 6 to 8 weeks from now? Whenever she decides).


WBC Estimate: 9.8 uL
HCT: 64%, High, well yeah. She waits until her salad is dry to eat it and she won't drink water. I already anticipated this would be high because Devlyn hates drinking water.
RBC Morphology: Normal
Blood Parasites: None seen
Heterophils: 42%
Absolute Heterophils: 4116 µL
Toxic Changes: None seen
Bands: 0%
Absolute Bands: 0 µL
Lymphocytes: 51%
Absolute Lymphocytes: 4998 µL
Eosinophils: 0%
Absolute Eosinophils: 0 Low
Absolute Basophils: 0 Low
Absolute Monocytes: 0%
Absolute Azurophilic Monocytes: 0 Low
Thrombocyte Estimate: Adequate

Total Protein: 5 g/dL
Albumin: 3.4 g/dL
Globulin: 1.6 g/dL
BUN: 2 mg/dL
Phosphorus: 4.8 mg/dL
Calcium: 11.9 mg/dL
Ca:p ratio: 1.8:1
Glucose: 201 mg/dL
Sodium: 154 mEq/L
Potassium: 3.5 mEq/L
Chloride: 109 mEq/L
CPK: 2307 IU/L
Uric Acid: 2.8 mg/dL


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Okay, I had emailed my vet to ask about it. I wasn't too worried so I didn't want to rush her answer.

The vet thought the CPK could have higher than her past results if she struggled during the blood draw. Vet admitted she didn't remember specifically if Devlyn did struggle since it was a week ago. I'm not sure if that makes sense. Sure, the needle causing more tissue damage if she moved sounds logical, her tail definitely had no obvious spot from where the blood draw was done, same as her other past blood draws.

But I'm also not a vet so I don't know if a dragon wiggle could change the CPK by that much

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The CPK aka Creatine Phosphokinase which can elevate due to muscle trauma or stress.
It is highly likely that she struggled during the time of the tail draw which probably caused
her elevated levels.
I don't think that changing her calcium intake would affect her CPK levels though. Has she
had a good appetite since her blood draw?
Everything else on the blood tests look pretty good. The liver & kidneys have good levels.


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