I'm a Mommy Again!! Everyone Meet Ember & Introducing Kai!!

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About a month ago I went to check out a clutch of babies at my local reptile store. I wasn't ready, but wanted to look. They were gorgeous! Fast forward to today, I called them and was told they only had one left. Was it a sign? Was this the one meant to be mine? I decided to go after work to see if it was still there and sure enough it was! Needless to say, I'm a new mommy!

I asked to hold it and as the owner of the shop took it out I asked if he could tell if it was male or female. He checked and is pretty sure it's a female. So for now, she's a she. A few seconds after I got her she licked my sweater and I was sold. I just adore that behavior.

On the ride home, she pooped in the container we were sent home with so I had to pull over to change the paper towel. When I got her home I put her right in her viv and she started moving around almost instantly. She started on the cool side, but quickly made her way over to the basking side. She also ate 20 phoenix worms for me.

She's very alert and seems to be very curious. She's been watching me and the dogs like a hawk every time we walk by her. One of the workers at the store said he was very surprised she was there so long and that she's a little ham. I can't wait until she's all settled in.

As for names, I really like Ember and Cinder, but I haven't decided officially yet. :)

Here are some pics.



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She is adorable!!!!

Oh my goodness- you are in for trouble in the form of cuteness!!!!

Is there a vent in her terrarium? That is a neat setup either way:)


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Yes, there are two large vents on both sides and six circle vents on the back wall. :)


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New pics of the kids.

Ember first! She’s too cute for her own good!

She finished shedding her back. Now we wait for her arms, legs, and head.

I think it may be time to start cutting back a bit on feeders. She’s starting to get a chubby belly!

Finally caught her waving at Kai!


Now Kai!

He’s making progress with his shed. Part of his left hand has already shed and other parts of him are really starting to turn grey.

He has his lazy moments!

He’s also becoming a professional cuddler! He loves his nighttime snuggle. I think he forces himself to stay awake at night until he gets his cuddle time. He’s such a sweetie.


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Hello Mandy,

Ember & Kai BOTH look great, very nice colors & beardie bellies, too. :D
They have both really grown, too. They are so happy, you can see them smiling.

So Kai loves being held to be put to bed? That is so sweet he holds out & stays awake to be held.
Does Ember love being held at night also?

Thanks for the updates.



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Yes, Kai has become very clingy! He loves being with me and HATES when I try to put him back in his cage. He doesn't want to be covered up with a blanket though. He doesn't like that at all.

Ember still loves being held, but since Kai moved in she seems a bit more nervous about being out and about exploring on the floor She does better when I cover the front of Kai's cage so they can't see each other.

My father agreed to build another 4x2x2 cage for me so Kai can get his upgrade. It'll be a few more weeks or longer, but at least we have a plan now. I'll be starting the shopping process soon. :)


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I’ve been meaning to post an update for a while now, just getting the time to sit and do it.

Both of my kids are doing fantastic! Ember is growing so fast. She’s now 233g and about 15” long. She’s really making up for lost time from when she didn’t eat for a good month while being treated for parasites. Kai is now 390g (he was 366g when I first weighed him a week after I got him). He’s small at only about 16” long, but he has a lot of personality to make up for it. They’re both parasite free and eating tons. So much that they’re both eating two bowls of salad almost daily. Dewey was never a big salad eater so I love this switch. :)

Here are some new pics of them.

Size comparison shot to show how small he really is.


Outside time!

Morning stretch! LOL

I was exercising in my room and I happened to look over at her. She was watching me! Nothing like having an audience!


Waving at the dogs.

Outside bonding!

Last night.



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Hello Mandy,

They both look great! :D
Terrific pictures of them, their colors are beautiful. I am so happy to hear Ember has grown so much & that Kai is gaining weight also.
You have done a phenomenal job with them both. Dewey would be so proud of you.



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Your dragons are soooo pretty! I especially love the photos of them sleeping - I love how beardies fold up their legs when they sleep!
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