Iguana Breeder in Northeast USA? Or one who ships?

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Alex has given me the go ahead to begin looking for a reputable iguana breeder. Once the ratties pass he is alright with me bringing a new baby into my heart and our home. I know it takes a good long time to find a reputable breeder, so I am starting now. Send me your suggestions! I am so excited! :blob8: :blob5: :blob8: :blob5:

I would say breeders in NE USA who might be willing to meet us at a convention, or a breeder who would be willing to ship.

I would prefer a breeder who produces reds... I miss my ole red iguana. But as long as they are breeding responsibly for happy healthy friendly babies, I really don't care what color they are.


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If you find a breeder post on here, I'll be looking for a new Iguana within the next few years or so. I miss mine so much.


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I def will post here if I find one! They have such personalities.. Way bigger than their huge bodies. :)

Thanks for the help looking! So far I have come up with bumpkin. :( The only "breeders" I have found have been mail order sites. :(
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