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A few years ago, my ex-mother in-law came over with my oldest daughter for a visit. I hadn't seen the in-law for quite awhile so I though it would be nice. She came in, looked around, spotted my dragon and exclaim "OH, HOW DISGUSTING"
It really ticked me off but it wasn't worth picking a fight over, I knew it would be the last time she was ever allowed in my house. I bet she really would have freaked if she would have went in the back room. I had 8 snakes and over 35 tarantulas at the time.


whats so wierd about me sitting infront of an aquarium and staring at my beardie as much as I can? :wink:

I look forward to seeing him every night and feeding him. More than anything.


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KrakenTheGreek":1lf4rsz9 said:
kjinxx2":1lf4rsz9 said:
Hah! Your reply may have been a bit harsh :p

Agreed. She was probably saying that in a friendly manner.

"Snuggling" can be used as a more "intimate" term. She was probably having laugh.

Is it work blocking someone over?
Hate social networking.

Oh well. I know I think about my little beardie all day and I can't wait to get home to see her. I'm on here all too much at work too. Woops.


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I went through the same thing with most of my family and friends, where they'd cringe at the mere thought of me handling Pookie, and forget about snuggling with him.
Now, after nearly 4 years of having him and 2 more, everyone gets so excited to see new pics and listen to their silly tales. Some even ask when they'll get to see him again.

I used to take great offense to people talking bad about my babies, but now I just think of how sad it is that they won't ever know how wonderful beardies are.


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i know how you feel!! not only do i have 4 bearded draons that i love dearly but i also have a pittbull. my grandma doesnt like my bearded dragons she thinks they are gross but she loves hearing about their silly antics.


i have a pitbull and a dragon and both are sweethearts. Animals are only as good as thier owners.


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Hydr1":ed3ssulw said:
i have a pitbull and a dragon and both are sweethearts. Animals are only as good as thier owners.
if only more people understood this! my pit is a total sweetheart unless your a guy and you wear a hat then she will growl at you and hide


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Ah that is really too bad :( Since my first pic of Sarth on FB all my friends/fam have oohed and aahed at him. The only rude comment I've ever gotten was from my aunt that said "why don't you go pet your dog?", I think because I have so many pics of Sarth and not as many of my dog (who we got from her, she breeds/shows Boxers) :roll: So just because I post lots of pics of my dragon somehow I'm not paying attention to the dog, ooook. That's just how she is though so I don't take it personally.
That is kind of weird she would block you on FB over that though...oh well, sounds like you are better off without her anyway :p


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I have yet to get any negative feedback from people, but I'm sure it's coming once he's big enough to take past my front yard. To be honest, I wouldn't have reacted well to a comment like that either. Probably would've said the same thing. I love my beardie, and if anyone has an issue with it, well...That's their problem, isn't it? But to each their own, I suppose.

But my friends are all really interested in my Wolfgang, even my parents have found a real soft spot for him. They all joke around of course, but I know they mean no harm xD My closest friend is taking steps to get close to him since she's not much of a reptile person.

Moment with her, Wolfgang and me:

Me: *holding him out to coax her to hold him*
Her: *refuses*
Wolfgang: *jumps on her, causes her to freak a bit and tense up*
Me: Don't worry! That just means he likes you!
Her: No! That just means he likes my boobs!

xD But yeah. I wouldn't tolerate someone outright saying that the pet I love is wrong. It's fine if they don't like that pet, but don't say it's wrong to care for it just because it's not a "traditional" animal.


I also have 2 rabbits, and I care a lot about them. They both live in a shed, and I get the comments, they're just rabbits, rabbit stew etc... I haven't had Charlie (beardie) for long and I'll probably get the same kind of comments as I would my rabbits. People are just *****s in my opinion, and good job that she has blocked you, I wouldn't want a friend like her either.
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