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I am panicking!!! Possible Adenovirus

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My baby bearded dragon (named baby Jorgie till we could find out the sex) died with in 12 hours. He was 2 months old. This morning he wouldn't open his eyes. He wasn't moving. He has slowly been eating less over the last few days. Otherwise he was acting normal. We took him out gave him his normal bath and he would wake up for a few seconds and then right back to laying with his eyes closed. It just went down hill from there. It started with him standing in his cool area with eyes closed. Then laying down with eyes closed, barley responsive to touch. About an hour ago he had what I would say was a seizure and passed some stool that looked normal. I picked him up and he struggled to go more and blood came out. I put him back. He was completely flat to the cage shuffling oddly. Then he started opening his mouth and just jerking everywhere. Within 10 minutes he was gone. I have not heard of the virus before researching through tears what happened to my baby. Problem is my teenage son touched the baby and didn't wash his hands ?. He took our healthy 4 year old Jorgie out of his cage. I am terrified this could have been the problem and it was passed to my other one! The only vet that specializes in bearded dragons isn't seeing anyone because of Covid-19. They referred us to someone else who is not able to help us. Does the virus kill them so quickly? I have the correct setup. He was fed correctly and all vitamins were supplied. I can't lose Jorgie. He is family.


BD.org Sicko
Hi there, I'm so sorry to hear about baby Jorgie, so tragic. :( It does sound like possible ADV buut might have been other illnesses. Was he from a pet store ? It's unlikely that your other dragon will get it just from the simple contact of your son but if you want to have your big Jorgie checked you can contact Drache613 [ Tracie ] She is one of the mods. and she works with the lab that specializes in testing for ADV + looking for a cure. Send her a p.m. at:



BD.org Sicko
Staff member

I am sorry about your baby passing so quickly. :cry: Unfortunately, adeno can cause fatalities
very quickly. He was not showing any symptoms at all, stargazing, neurological issues,
It is always a possibility yes, that he did have it. Have you cleaned out his tank yet? If not,
hold off on that, if you would like to test the environment then you can do that. If you want
to test your Jorgie, you can test a stool sample, at home.
You can go sign up on my adeno website at:


The test is just $20 per sample, so very affordable.

Let us know how he is doing.
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