How do I make uvb setup work?

I bought a new reptisun terrarium hood with reptisun uvb t5 lamp. I have exo terra terrarium and there are plastic bars on the top, plus fine mesh. I can’t find any way to hang under mesh. Is there any way to make this work or do I need to get another fixture setup?

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What distance is it currently from UV to basking surface?

8 inches to basking surface is ideal if UVB is mounted on top of screen.


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You can cut apportion of the screen out where the UVB sits so its unobstructed then it would need to be 12-15 inches above - make sure your getting basking temps w/ a digital probe thermometer -- I see only a stick on they re inaccurate --- take the probe place where he sits for basking get temp about 10 min or so-------95-100

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