How do I get rid of my hornworms?!

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I got two 25 count cups from mulberry farms and it is time for them to RIP.

I am extremely squeamish. I seriously stick them in Lucy's pen and RUN away. Far... Far... Away. They are getting ready to turn into moths and the site said, "DO NOT RELEASE THEM INTO THE WILD" in that big 'look at me' print. Well,

How else do I get rid of them?!

Although I am squeamish and hate bugs, I have a heck of a time killing them (even wasps and spiders. I have to do the whole cup&cardboard trick and release them into the wild). But my mom said, "Get rid of those disgusting things!" While I am not too happy about Lucy's three meals for a whole $30, I am so sick of them, already. These are not for a squeamish girl.

My moms boyfriend could probably be coaxed into it, but touching all of them is out of the question.

How can I keep them in their container and get rid of them.

Would putting them in something else and out in the trash work?



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Send them to me, lol
I'm sure I can find a dragon that will get rid of them lol

If you can put them in the refrig or a cool place they will go dormant.


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You have a few options.

1) Let them turn into moths and let Lucy go after Fast Food. They're edible! They're different! Up to you because (obviously) they fly.

2) Keep them in the containers, put them in a plastic trash bag and freeze them for a few days. They'll die. Toss them.

I never order more than one cup because they grow SO fast. Just a suggestion. Often times I'll order only one cup from Mulberry Farms and ask for a mix of VERY small hornworms, like for a baby, up to more standard sized. This way the little ones are growing as the bigger ones are being eaten. I'll also parcel off part of the 25 into a separate EMPTY (as in foodless) tupperware container with holes punched in the lid and put it in the coldest part of my basement. Use those really long feeder tongs for this since you're squeamish! This keeps them much smaller, longer.


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Hi the moths and pupias are also edable, so let lucy eat them, the moths will live for about 10 days. They are a great sourse of protein.:)


lindasgonebuggie":3hf2dsr8 said:
Hi the moths and pupias are also edable, so let lucy eat them, the moths will live for about 10 days. They are a great sourse of protein.:)

Oooooh! Really? Are hornworms and wax worms the same things then? Interesting... I hope the poor squeamish poster managed to deal with her issue! I have to hold my breath as all small moving things freak me out, putting a wax worm on my hand for my boy to take was an act of pure love and bravery!


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Horn worms and wax worms turn into pupia's and then moths, but they are not the same kind of worm or are they in food nutrition. The wax worm is a fat feeder(if you want to fatten up your lizard), or just as a treat. Thanks, Linda.


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If your dragon will eat non-moving food, the pupaes are great, and even once they are moths, if you put them in the fridge for about 5-10 minutes, it stuns them, and you can feed them like that too. :)

If you do end up wanting to toss them, put them in a plastic bag and take them outside and step on them. It's a quick kill, and you don't have to worry about seeing or touching them.

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Another suggestion is you could try to breed them. Might be a fun little project.

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