Housing babies together?

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Hi guys! I'm going to be doing my senior college project on bearded dragon vision. I was wondering if I could house multiple babies together. Doing so would cut costs a lot, as I could use one or two tanks. I'm looking to have six "subjects", and it would only be for 2-3 weeks, maybe less if it goes well and they're fast learners.

So is it okay to house them together? I have a place I can basically "rent" some beardies from (watch me even try to not end up with seven bearded dragons at home). I'm totally okay with using adults and housing them separately if needed, this would just make it easier. Thank you all!


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I strongly recommend individual housing of all 6 hatchlings .

For 6 hatchlings , what you need are 6 x 100L totes set up in a rack (ie stacked) or on a bench or the floor . See viewtopic.php?f=34&t=233480

If you buy 4ft (56W) long t5HO 10% or 12%UVB tubes and reflector hoods you will only need 2 to 3 to cover all 6 tubs set up side-by-side. Using tubs / totes and v-long T5ho tubes and refector hoods you are saving lots at the getgo.


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No. The answer is just a resounding "NO" all the way around, as you're going to end up with 6 babies that either all have tail nips, missing toes, missing feet, or worse, etc. Then on top of that, you're guaranteed to have a couple that will thrive/grow and then the rest will end up stunted in growth and development and with severe nutritional deficiencies and MBD. They each need their own separate enclosures with their own lighting for them to grow and develop properly without severe nutritional deficiencies, injuries, missing body parts, or ending up dead.

If you can't afford 6 different enclosures with 6 different sets of UVB tubes and 6 different basking bulbs, 6 different basking spots/platforms, etc. then don't do it. You're "experiment" is not a good one that any of us can advise you with good faith to try or execute, because the risk of some of them Failing To Thrive is 100%, and the risk of some of them ending up severely injured or dead is probably over 50%.


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I'm going to do separate housing - I really wasn't going to house them together without doing research. I just see a lot of breeders doing so, so I thought I should ask.
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