Help !!Sick beardie!

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I have a female and male beardie. About 6 yrs old. Tonight I noticed that the female was very lethargic, pale, and her beard was very black.
A few hours later she looked to be choking, puking. She ended up puking up blood a few times. Now she is just sitting there, with her back arched.
If anyone has any ideas what could possibly be wrong with her let me know ??!?!?!


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She may have choked on something, but I don't think any of us will be able to help with this. Vet, ASAP.


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No vets open where I am, and no emerg. near that does reptiles, I've tried to contact them... The only one that takes reptiles didnt have a vet on site!!


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Keep trying, i suspect she'll need an xray to see if she's swallowed anything. This is really serious. Keep trying

And keep us updated please

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