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injury. Earlier my kids were playing out back and all of their friends were begging to see Spike.. so I had my boyfriend bring him outside for a minute or 2 so they could all see him... and the second he was outside he jumped right out of my boyfriends hands and made a mad dash.. we all tried everything we could do to get him but we couldnt.. he was running around like crazy so somebody decided to step on his tail.. it worked... he stopped.. but my poor lil guy's tail.. it started bleeding.. his tail is broken.. should i leave it attached or somehow take the rest of it off.. Im not the richest person just so yall know.. i have 4 small children.. I really dont want anything to happen to Spike tho.. we have been washing it and putting neosporin on it.. what do i do now? Should I keep it covered.. do we need to go to the vet?? How much do you think the visit will cost.. what should i do until I can get him to the vet... I hope he will be ok..


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Also.. I have a picture.. but I dont know how to post it on the forum for you all to see.. if u want to see it to help any further.. I can email it to you..THANKS AGAIN!!


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He is still acting ok.. been putting neosporin and wrapping it up after a nice cleaning.. BUT IT LOOKS HORRIBLE.. I dont even know if what i'm doing is right.. i have one neighbor telling me I need to get the rest off.. and the other saying that it will reattach.. idk what to do... and i called the national wildlife center and several other vets.. they all wont give me any advice.. he needs to be seen.. i dont know if i can afford it :?

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I would talk to the vets to see if some type of payment plan can be worked out. It sounds to me like he needs to be seen.


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Grab a credit card and screw the cost - that's my advice.

He will be in my thoughts. Call the vet even before you go - see what you should be doing now.

Good luck <3


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Ok I took ur advice.. screw the cost.. I have 4 kids and 3 beardies.. (so 7 kids) and if u count my boyfriend 8 kids haha.. but yes I made an emergency vet visit for Abington Animal Hospital they have an "Odd Pet Vet" there.. hopefully they can fix it.. they are talking amputation already..hopefully it doesnt drain my whole bank account :/ will keep u guys posted.. also.. i had an appt scheduled for Wed already.. i just needed advice as to what to do in the mean time.. and NOWHERE WOULD GIVE ME ADVICE OVER THE PHONE.. one place I called said we can see u wed.. but we cant give any advice.. i said ok well what do I do in the mean time.. they said sry ma'am we cant give u advice over the phone.... ugh.. ill let ya'll know what the vet says :)


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I am fighting a tail injury as we speak. I had put Lizzy in the bathtub for his daily bath, and ran in the next room to throw wash in the dryer. When I came back, he was on his back, face down in the water. I grabbed him quickly by the tail and pulled him out of the water by it. A week or 2 later, the tail had what looked like bruises on it. I first thought they were burns from his basking light and treated with neosporin, though there was not an open wound. Below the bruised looking part, I could see the tail turning black and getting puffy. I took him to the vet (St Louis's finest Dr Dan Wentz, I might add) and Dr Wentz told me that he could amputate, but better would be to break the dead part off since their bodies produce something that helps to heal these injuries. He broke the piece of tail off, and had me giving Baytril injections (2 units) every other day for 2 weeks. At the end of 2 weeks, I went back for a check up, and more of the tail stump had rotted, and Dr Dan removed it. He hadvised me to make a Betadine/water solution about the color of weak tea and soak the tail stump for 15 min twice a day. Then, he gave me another antibiotic (cefta?) that I inject every 3 days ( 7 units in each injection). The stump is doing better - that betadine soaking really seems to be doing a lot of good! We go back for another check up in 2 weeks when we finish the cefta. I can see by looking at it, that more of the tail will be removed since that is where the bruise closest to his body was, and like Dr Dan said, that is where the blood supply was broken.
The best way I've found to soak the tail is to put the Betadine solution in a tall narrow pill bottle, and after Lizzy goes to sleep or before he wakes in the morning, I wrap him burrito style in a hand towel with the tail stump sticking out; I hold "the burrito" vertically so that the tail extends down into the bottle. I believe that the Betadine soaking will do your guy a lot of good, especially if you can start it now, before it gets infected, like Lizzy's did.

Dr. Dan is truly the greatest and I feel lucky to have him here to help us. That tail is not going to grow back, and my experience tells me that it will not reattach. Your guy's new nickname is Stumpy, but the good news is that he should make a good recovery.


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Aww. Poor baby.. Let us know how the vet goes...

To post on picture on here, you need to get a photobucket account.

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I found an exotic pet vet and they say him and referred him downstairs to the surgeon...they amputated it..he's on meds orally daily for a week..we go back in 3 days for a follow up and in 2 weeks for the stitches to be removed ... He's doing ok..a lil off balance but I'm sure he will get use 2 it lol.. thanks for the great advice guys will let u know how hes doing :)

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Poor little guy, at least you were able to get it treated quickly before it got infected. How much do they have to take off? I know its a little late now but get a leash so he can't escape next time, mine never goes outside without one.
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