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I was mowing and found a bearded dragon in my yard. I haven't lived here long so I thought maybe these critters roamed wild. Well im not in Australia so im guessing no. I live in the country and on 30 acres so where did it come from? How long has it been surviving on it own?? I came across this website trying to figure out how to rescue this guy and see if he will survive. It moves, its breathing. It opens one eye. I was mowing my yard so unfortunately he is missing a few toes on front leg and back leg on one side. Bleeding seems to have stopped. I put him in an old glass aquarium that we used to have anoles in. I know its too small for it but I have nothing else for now. He has heating pads under the aquarium and a heat coil. I turned off his light for the night. I left the heat lamp and heat pads on. I misted him off. It was chilly today so im sure it was in shock from weather and getting hit from mower. I know nothing about bearded dragons. Only things I know from what I read was to turn off light at night for sleep and they drink when they usually take baths. Im heading to bed for the night but im hoping I get get some advice for this creature. Im nervous as im leaving on a trip and I will be gone for two weeks. What can it eat right now? I don't have much but apples bananas. Frozen peas, broccoli. Help please. Any and all advice appreciated. It kind of worked out crazy because my oldest daughter has been begging me for a bearded dragon. I just was over reptiles. We just had two anoles pass away that snuck home with us from flordia in a uhaul to West Virginia. Im hoping I can save this guy at least until I can rehome it or keep it.

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Hiccup he is 6 and Blaze is 4
Please post pics of him so we can see what his condition is -- did you run him over w/ the lawnmower? We can see if he needs a vet visit ---- but you need to get him a bright white basking bulb that keeps temps to 95-100 and a digital probe thermometer NO stick ons they are inaccurate --- and a good UVB the coil is NO good -- you need a long tube fixture like this I would look for a 18 or 20" it is a T 8 which means it needs to be unobstructed from screen and NO clear plastic cover over the bulb--- you would need a distance of 6-8 inches directly above the basking decor ---- these things I posted are crucial to the survival of the dragon ---- in the mean time I would get some betadine and soak him in the antiseptic make it look like a weak tea for 10 minutes do not let him drink the water --- then put some raw unpasteurized honey on the wounds like Manuka honey works really good but a raw unpasteurized will work -- this will kill any infection that is going to start --- Hes going to need fresh salads every morning and live insects like crickets dubia roaches for his diet -- I can post more info for you
I dont know if you have neighbors around you but my guess is some one has lost their pet --- you can ask around your area and put up flyers in town w/ his pic on it --- maybe talk to the pet store people BUT DO NOT LISTEN TO THOSE PEOPLE ABOUT CARE---- most of petstores and employees have not a clue to care for a dragon and will sell you all kinds of stuff you dont need -- you came to the right forum for help that is for sure----------- I forgot to mention if you get crickets DO NOT leave them in the tank w/ the honey on the dragon they will go straight for the honey --- feed in a different container if you haft to feed one or two at a time -- he may not eat as from the incidents in the last 24 hrs or so keep us updated and please ask questions


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I hit it with the weed wacker mower. On one side it is missing a few toes but stopped bleeding. Im thinking of taking it to the vet and see if someone can care for it. I really don't have the extra money to get everything this thing needs and seems high maintenance creatures. Im also leaving in a week and I won't be home for two weeks. I wanted to try to get a little advice inthe meantime. Thank you.

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Aw, poor guy is in rough shape . If you have a large plastic tote that would be better, he can overheat quickly in the glass tank. Give him a quick soak in warmish water to clean his toes off, then apply betadine or raw hone if you have it. Trickle water on his snout while he's being soaked. I agree that a vet or reptile rescue would be best, I hope the poor dude gets taken care of .

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Hiccup he is 6 and Blaze is 4
Yes please he needs UVB for sure and good basking temps--- see if you can find a rescue center where you live or maybe a mom and pops pet store --- but he needs proper lighting and care that is for sure -please keep us posted on him


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Surrendering him to a vet might be the best option if you don't have the resources to care for him - that's a good instinct on your part. But see if there's a vet in your area who knows and treats exotics first... a dog/cat vet might not be any better equipped to deal with him either. Poor guy looks like he's in tough shape. Glad you found him and want to help him get better!


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You’re committing theft, that bearded dragon belongs to someone and you need to find the owner. If Mari went missing and someone took her to keep, I’d be livid.


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loljelloclowdz":23qgk5nx said:
You’re committing theft, that bearded dragon belongs to someone and you need to find the owner. If Mari went missing and someone took her to keep, I’d be livid.
No !!!! It is not theft!!! It needs proper care and this person is not really equiped to do the job at hand, Don't condemn them for helping!!!!

That dragon has been outside for a good while, it needs help ASAP!!! I don't care if it hurts someone's feelings, but apparently the owners never really tried to find it. If it where mine there would be flyers in every store and corner in the area." Everyone would know I was looking for it"!!!!

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I agree, the O.P is trying to help this dragon that is thin, dehydrated and probably been missing for a while. I wouldn't consider it theft, the dragon needs vet care right now and maybe the owner has flyers out at some local vet clinic.


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AHBD":gnlh0nzs said:
I agree, the O.P is trying to help this dragon that is thin, dehydrated and probably been missing for a while. I wouldn't consider it theft, the dragon needs vet care right now and maybe the owner has flyers out at some local vet clinic.
Thank you!!!

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See for at home reptile intensive care viewtopic.php?f=45&t=232687&p=1893039&hilit=crop+needle#p1893039
I've been very successful in rehabilitating injured skinks and dragons , my latest success story is Fluffy the rescued injured eastern water skink , she's my favorate pet now. viewtopic.php?f=6&t=238063&hilit=my+latest+rescue&start=135

Is very rewarding nursing an injured lizard back to health and fitness . Well worth the time and effort.

I highly recommend VetaFarm HerbaBoost to help get protein and nutrients into such an emaciated dragon - be careful with feeding volumes - I wouldn't start with full vol/body weight meals of HerpaBoost at the start , his kidneys will not cope , build up over a week or two .
Note that HerpaBoost is VERY THICK AND VISCOUS so you will need a crop needle or plastic tube with a bore size at least 3mm to 4mm to draw it up into the syringe , and if using a plastic syringe you'll need to drill the hole out to about the same size else HerpaBoost will be near impossible to get out through the nossle into the dragon's mouth.
Feeding with HerpaBoost is a two person job , one person holds the dragon directs the syringe into the dragon's mouth (corner of mouth is easiers , a credit card will help gently getting the mouth open enough to get the end of the crop needle or nozzle past the lips just far enough in to be on or next to the dragon's tongue ( work a treat as a lever ) - expect resistance til the dragon becomes familiar with what is happening - might take a week , the other person is the feeder who operates the syringe plunger ( I find a few drops at a time works best - once the lizard gets the taste, it's likely lizard will start licking the end of syringe or crop needle )..
I wouldn't attempt CROP feeding ( crop needle down throat into stomach unless you are experienced in doing this ( with birds ) - risk is rupturing the stomach or pumping liquid / slurry food into the lungs == VERY BAD NEWS if this happens .

I also highly highrecommend VetaFarm CalciVet ( is a liquid form of calcium that is quite sweet and pallitable ( I've tasted it - yummy - all my skinks and dragons have loved it when I needed to treat rescues ).
Very runny liquid stuff , a v shaped feeding nozzle will work fine , and is easy to slip into the corner of a lizard's mouth .

I'd get hold of an ExoTerra 26W UVB200 ( 10% UVB globe , will help with getting his metabolic rate , immune system and skin Ca photosythnesis to VitD3 going ) , suggest mouthing in a dual reptile dome ( 2 light dome ) , install a halogen or incandescent UNCOLORED flood or spot globe in the other socket ( 60W if you treating him / keeping him in a clear sided 120 litre to 160 litre rectangular storage tub ) , during the day he will need the warmest area of the tub to at about 36 deg Celsius , NO HOTTER as he is too weak to do much thermoregulation.
I'd mouth the done so the UVB200 is about 10" from his basking spot , this will give a good level of both UVA and UVB.

If the tub is taller than 14" , build up a basking spot using small 12"x12" concrete pavers , they'll warm up nicely under the flood/spot basking globe and once he becomes more mobile he'll have little problem climbing them even if 2 or 3 paver thicknesses are needed.

In USA's most southern states in summer , about 1 hour of natural sun ( guarded supervised on the lap or in wash basket ) will be about equiv to 15 hours under even the best most power T5 UVB tube in a good reflector hood .

In states north of Tx , 1.5 hr to 2 hr per day of natural sunshine will be adequate if it is warmer than 30 deg Celsius in the sun. Sun never get very high in the sky , so UV has to pass through more atmosphere and less get to the ground.

He'll darken up and pancake his body to soak up heat and UV.

You can try offering him live insects - Black Soldier Fly Lavae would be my choice in your situation, soft , highly nutritious , easy to hand feed using them. A big dragon like him when healthy will easily polish off 30 in a sitting.

Greens and veg
Greens and veg - in his state (right now) , I'd consider greens and veg unless you liquify them or turn then into a sloppy syringeable slurry = a bridge too far.

Hospital tub = converted 120 litre to 160 litre clear sided storage tub.

Night time heating - I suggest a film style heat pad sandwiched between ceramic tiles , set it's thermostat to hold at 30deg C to 35deg C. He'll need the warmth overnight if it's chilly ( colder the 28 deg C in the house over night ) to help boost his metabolism and immune system and accelerate his healing process .

Good luck

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AHBD":bp2fl4uz said:
I agree, the O.P is trying to help this dragon that is thin, dehydrated and probably been missing for a while. I wouldn't consider it theft, the dragon needs vet care right now and maybe the owner has flyers out at some local vet clinic.

This is not theft , I am of the opinion since it was found a rural area a long way from town , it's previous "carer" lost interest and dumped it. I wont post my personal opinion on people do things like that other to say = mungrel oxygen thief.
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