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Hry guys just wondering,

I have my two Tristan and Isolde eating Veg everyday along with 2 5 min sessions of as much live food as they can consume.

My question is the veg im giving them is a mix of parsely, basil and mustard greens (all fresh and grown in my garden) i sometimes (maybe once a week) add in a bit of mint leaf or kale. is this an okay veg diet? they seem to love it

Also neither will eat any fruit at all!! is it okay if they are not consuming fruit?


my beardy doesnt eat fruit either. but i feed mine the same diet as you. i tend to let him stay in the cricket tank a little longer, but he eats slow sometimes and will give up after 10-15 crickets. how old are your dragons?


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Try to extend the protein feeding to as many as they will eat in 15 minutes.
Also, the Parsley is a treat item as is the kale and mint.

Other than that, the fruits will come in time, they just have to get used to the taste/idea.

Hope this helps out !
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