Healing sores and bites

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I found out from a thread about antifungal cream that Monistat is safe for bearded dragons.

I have quite a bit of Monistat 7 cream(including cream of a different brand name with the exact same ingredients).

Now I know Monistat is an antifungal cream but I was wondering if I could use it to prevent sores from shedding or bites from insects from getting infected while they heal since Monistat is safe for bearded dragons.

I was hoping I could use zinc oxide cream since it is made to soothe irritated skin but I found out that using zinc oxide cream will cause zinc toxicity. Is that really true for putting the zinc oxide cream on the skin that the bearded dragon will get zinc toxicity or will that only happen if the bearded dragon happens to ingest it?

I still don't have a bearded dragon yet or the feeder insects but I am preparing for that.


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Not entirely sure about the stuff your talking about but as for shedding and insect bites you shouldnt have to worry about much.

As long as you clean the insects up before the lights go off i dont think there should be any bites, hopefully anyway. Though if there is i believe you may be able to use raw unpasteurized honey to somewhat help with an infection. I may be wrong about this however.

As for shedding i've never experienced my dragons have any sores of some kind but i can imagine that happening with silkbacks since they need assistance with shedding regularly or they could loose toes from stuck shed. As long as you bathe your beardie at least every other day or so you should be fine or at least thats what i do and it helps with sheds a bit with loosening the skin and things like that. For normal scaled and probably leatherbacks at least, with silkbacks you'd probably have to use some sort of lotion and bathe regularly since they require extra care.


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As long as you don’t leave insects in your beardie’s tank overnight, insect bites shouldn’t be an issue. I’ve had bearded dragons for 18+ years and I’ve never had an insect bite a beardie (and I feed them a wide variety of insects). Feeders like superworms and crickets have been known to chomp on a sleeping beardie, but as long as you never leave insects in the tank for an extended period this won’t be an issue. I feed my beardies in a separate feeding “tank,” which is essentially just a very large Rubbermaid tub. This way I never have to worry about crickets or other bugs hiding in the cage and chewing on a lizard when he’s sleeping and vulnerable. Alternatively, you can also feed your beardie insects one at a time, making sure each one is eaten before offering another. Unlike other animals, beardies don’t really groom themselves so while you likely wouldn’t have to worry about the lizard ingesting certain creams, I’d recommend seeking out a cream that’s made specifically for animals/reptiles and has vet approval (or just running the Monistat by a herp vet). I’m sure it’s perfectly fine; I just tend to err on the side of caution with my guys.


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Is your beardie a silkie and does it have sores right now that you can post pics of ? Here's how :

https://www.beardeddragon.org/useruploads/ Then use the XIMG to upload

If it is a silkie, aloe vera [ with no added ingredients ] is good for the skin. If you are just wanting something for actual cuts, scrapes, wounds the there's nothing better than raw, unpasteurized honey. It's a powerful antimicrobial , bacteria can't grow in it and it contains enzymes that promote tissue regeneration. It's being used in some hospitals now on wounds that don't heal with the usual creams + antibiotic dressings.


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Like I said, in my original post, I don't have the bearded dragon yet. I don't even know if I will end up getting a male or female or how old it will be when I get it.

So me asking what to do if my eventual beardie ends up with insect bites or sores to prevent infection is just in preparation for having a bearded dragon.


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For these reasons, I always keep raw honey on hand! It has natural healing properties and, it is all natural. I don't trust chemical laiden cures for my dragon.


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I wouldn't be worrying at all about "sores from shedding" or "insect bites" for whenever you do get a bearded dragon, as neither should ever occur in the first place. A bearded dragon will not get "sores from shedding" as long as you don't try to pull off the shedding skin for them, you cannot ever do that, they don't need your help and you have to resist the urge to pull off the dead skin. So that isn't an issue that you should experience at all.

Just the same, your bearded dragon should never, ever, ever be subject to "insect bites", if they do have insect bites then it's because you're leaving live crickets inside their tank that they didn't eat right away during one of their 2-3 daily "live insect feeding sessions", and since crickets are really the only live feeder insects appropriate to be feeding your Bearded Dragon that will bite your dragon, if you decide to use crickets as your live staple feeder insect, you must only feed them 1-2 at a time, let him eat them, then give another 1-2, let him eat them, etc. And if there is even 1 single live cricket left in your dragon's tank after he's done eating, you absolutely must get it out. If you do use live crickets as your dragon's live staple feeder insect, you must check his entire tank after every single feeding session, underneath any carpet/paper towels/newpaper, under every piece of decor and basking platforms, etc. so that you ensure that there are not ANY live crickets left inside his tank at any time, because if even 1 live cricket is left inside your dragon's tank at night, they tend to bite them while they are sleeping, and have been known to often bite at their eyeballs, mouths, ears, etc. And yes, their bites do often become infected, another reason you must not ever let even 1 live cricket inside your dragon's tank. You cannot just "dump in" a bunch of live crickets for him to eat and then walk away, you must feed him only 1-2 at a time at most, and remove any and all live crickets he doesn't eat at once.


***Only an Antibiotic medication/cream will help with an infected wound/bite/cut, such as Neosporin or the generic equivalent, which is usually called a "Triple Antibiotic" cream/ointment. Yes, Monistat and other over-the-counter Anti-Fungal creams are "safe" to use on a Bearded Dragon, but only useful and safe if you're treating a Fungal Infection that they have, no an infected insect bite, that would be a "Bacterial Infection", and would require the Antibiotic cream/ointment, like the Neosporin.

Just another FYI, very important to know an understand, if you apply an Anti-Fungal medication to a wound/cut/insect bite that is infected by a bacteria, the Anti-Fungal medication/cream can and usually will MAKE THE BACTERIAL INFECTION MUCH, MUCH WORSE!!! I'm not going to go into the physiological explanation as to why this happens, but just know that NO, TO DIRECTLY ANSWER YOUR QUESTION, WHETHER YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT YOUR BEARDED DRAGON, YOUR DOG, YOUR CAT, OR YOURSELF, you should not ever apply an Anti-Fungal medication/cream to a wound/cut/bite that infected, because it will do nothing to make it better at all, and will likely make it worse. Only apply an Antibiotic medication/cream/ointment to infected wounds/bite/cuts.
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