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Hi all,
I recently purchased a bearded dragon hatchling who is going on 6 weeks this coming Thursday AEST - GMT+10.
I noticed after the first couple of feedings a couple of days in to owning it, it began waving both arms and would do these large yawn type things. What does this mean?
This behaviour seemed to have stopped yesterday, but curiosity has gotten the better of me.
I've also noticed frequent head scratches both in the bath and frequent (not crazy frequent) rubbing of it's face on the driftwood.
I know hatchlings shed once a week or fortnight until juvenile/adult - is this the beginning of it's next shed?
A small amount of shed came off it's tale the day I brought it home - so a next shed shouldn't be too far off the cards?
What are signs of shedding?


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The insects might be just a bit too large so he opens his mouth as he's getting swallowing them. Waving the arms is common in beardies, sometimes as a sign of submission that even includes the slight difficulty in getting the larger insects down BUT could just be random. So it's just part of their behavior in general.

Scratching + rubbing their head is totally normal and you don't need to worry about shedding, they do so at different paces. The internet has people crazy worried about shedding and that wrong info has caused a lot of stress for owners and trying to " help " their beardies to shed. I've never helped a beardie shed, ever, from baby to adult and I've hatched many, many clutches . Just let him shed when he's ready. He'll be fine. :)

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