Green slime on poop?

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Hi everyone! I just have a question..Lately when my beardie poops, there is a thin layer of what looks like green slime on it...I was told by someone else that it could just be mucous and that it can be normal because it helps them pass the poop better...he isn't on his medicine anymore and besides that I noticed even before he got put on his medicine his poop had a green tint to it. I was also told by another person that it could be from what I feed the crickets because I feed the crickets vegetables and bearded dragon pellots which are green so it tints their poop green. He isn't acting sick right now or acting different so I don't know if it's normal or not? I don't see how to post a picture on here so hopefully my description is accurate enough that someone will know what I am talking about. Thanks!


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This link shows how to post pics >> viewtopic.php?f=30&t=167225

I dont know about the mucous ?? Ive nvr heard anything about having it to hlp them poop... The pellet thing kinda makes sense tho. Cause it has to have some sort of a green dye to be green. Mine have nvr had the pellets b4. Hopefully someone come along thats experienced this b4....

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Typically, the mucous contained in their poop would be either clear or brownish colored (to match their poop).
Does the green slime contain any fibrous material at all? Is the green color limited to only the mucous or is it also in the poop itself?
It could be from both what the crickets eat and what your beardie eats, especially if your beardie eats alot of the green-colored pellets.
Does the poop smell awfully bad?


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The mucous itself is only green, not the poop, that I can tell. It doesn't seem to be thick or anything, just a thin layer. I am going to try to post a pic right now and see if it comes out...


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Oh, and the poop didn't seem to smell that bad. He just had parasites a few weeks ago but has already been treated for them and is better now and I have cleaned his cage and everything and he isn't acting like he has parasites again but I have noticed since I started feeding the crickets the pellots that his poop has had that green tint to it. Lets hope that is all it is!
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