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I wanted to share my experience with a great dish to use for feeding bearded dragons. I had been having problems finding the right dish to use, and ended up getting a cheap plant pot saucer from Lowes. I really recommend these.

Here is a link to them on-line:

These come in two types, normal and heavy duty. I recommend the heavy duty. The sizes range from 6" to 14" in 2" increments. I'm using an 8" dish in our setup right now. I wanted something big enough that my lizard could fit into entirely.

What's great about these is that the walls are high and slick enough that pretty much no bugs can get out of them, except stuff like crickets, yet they are also low enough that most 2 month old dragons will be able to crawl out of them on their own.

You can't just use them straight as they are, though, because the walls are too high for most dragons to climb into. I built an simple wooden platform to go around mine. Below are some pics of how ours is setup.

What I really like about this is that I can put food in this dish early in the morning and be confident that he's be able to eat it on his own when he wants to and none of it is going to escape. Took him a couple of days to get used to it, but using this dish has really improved his eating habits dramatically and he loves it. I have it placed right next to his basking perch because he likes to get up there in the mornings to warm up, then he'll start eyeing his prey, and then he'll run down into it, or even jump from the top into the dish, and hunt around. Then when he's done he'll run up onto the basking perch again to digest. It's perfect.

Anyway, I really recommend these and it seems like a pretty perfect feeding solution. This was something I had been struggling with for a few months and was never able to find quite the right feeding container, but this is really working well.


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