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so my beardie rex is 2 years old and extremely healthy. Hes been a great pet and i will definitely continue my life with beardies in them. Aside from that hes a bit stubborn when it comes to his greens. I vary greens and other reliable vegetables and fruits but today i had a break thru. i had recently purchased acorn squash for him while doing some research. i prepared it by boiling it so it was soft and chopped it into pieces and bits but when he went to eat it it would become mushy. frustrating because i could see how eager he was to try this food. So today i decided to take some of the bits of squash in the fridge and make about 4-5 mini "tacos" which was basically kale wrapped around the squash all mushed up. Let me tell you in the past 2 years i have never seen him more excited to eat vegetables! I would recommend this to any beardie owner looking to think outside the box and continue to create new ways for beardies in captivity to receive not only the necessary nutrients but in a desirable fashion. it makes me more excited to feed him and come up with new ideas. Just thought Id share incase anyone was having issues with feeding veggies.


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Thanks for the tip I will definitely be trying this out. I have tried every veggie and green on the market and every way to feed it to her you can imagine. I even ordered grub pie to spread on top of her salads with no success. I still offer salads daily and she will very seldomly take a few bites but nothing major. I gutload her insects and dust them in dandelion leaf powder once a week to force her to take in some nutrition. So I'll definitely give this a go *fingers crossed*
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