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Long story short I bought my bearded with an ex who was abusive and lacked empathy. The dragon was only with her two days and was a baby it’s now been almost a year. It’s kinda embarrassing to say, I was afraid of her when she was small do to her being so fast wild, she’s calmed down however she needs more activity. She acts fearful and freezes when I try to hold her or bath her and sometimes I freeze too. I also bit paranoid of letting her run free I have dog and cat who they know each other but it’s natural that one can go after her. I’ve debated giving her up times to someone more experienced but do love her and feel like we can slowly and safe be good friends. Not sure best way to support her and not freak myself out too. Is it easier to hold them in a towel at first?
Any suggestions to also calm my fears? I feel like I’m getting better and want to give her good life.
Do some not really care or want to be held?

Would using natural soap with oils on wood floors be an issue for them?

Thanks in advance


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I would not really suggest the towel as their claws and spikes can get stuck in the fabric (might depend on the dragon, but for mine this would be the case for sure).
A good idea, I think, would be if you could sit more next to your dragon's enclosure, just doing whatever quiet activity you like (reading, listening to calm music, listening to other music via headphones, using your electronic devices..). So she sees you, and you can see her and both of you can observe each other's behavior.
Often it also helps to pet or hold your dragon while you reach into the enclosure, not necessarily taking her out. Giving your dragon a bath, btw, is not necessary so especially as she doesn't like it, I would not recommend doing so. Some people believe they absorb water that way but it's not true. They might drink from the water, but you can do the same by dripping some water on the snout - they lick it off.
(I would only bath my dragon if he gets dirty, which has never happened so far.)


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Yeah I have been doing all those things for months. She just doesn’t seem to want to be picked up.
Unfortunately I head bobbed back at her a few weeks ago and she ran, hiding under her tree. That was traumatic but been regaining trust. She tries to jump through the glass sometimes but not onto me. I have held her before just not that much, or for long.

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