Gave my beardie a bath too soon?


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Hello all!

I’m a new beardie owner and have lots of learning to do! I got my beardie on Friday and handled him once to put him in the cage. Then I handled him again yesterday (Monday) to put him in a separate container to eat his worms as per instructions from the pet store. Today I gave him a bath. He seemed a bit stressed so it was just a short one—5-10 mins. He was breathing a little fast and when I went to take him out of the bath and he sat in my palm he let out a lil noise? Didn’t sound like a hiss but I’m sure juveniles don’t make big hiss noises to begin with. Kinda sounded somewhere between a yawn and a burp? What I’m wondering is if my mistake is fatal to gaining his trust as I think I bathed him a little too soon. If so, how can I remedy the situation? Shall I refrain from handling him for a few days? Your advice is greatly appreciated!

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Hiccup he is 5 and Blaze is 3
I would not give him another bath for now-- dragons get most of their hydration from the salads they eat --- rinse the greens before serving -- get some BSFL order the size no bigger than the space between their eyes length wise - DO NOT dust them -- add them to the salad in front of him so it gets his attention --- feed as many as you want as they are a great staple feeder and make a good compliment to the main staple feeder -- do this first thing in the morning -- make sure your using a digital probe thermometer for basking temps and a good UVB NO coils --- if you need more help or have more questions please ask


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Thank you! You’ve been really helpful! Do you think I will still be able to gain his trust and hopefully affections eventually? Any tips for gaining trust ?

KarrieRee Sicko
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Hiccup he is 5 and Blaze is 3
Yes it will take time but patience w/ him -- work everyday little time periods getting your hand in the tank petting him etc- hand feed those bsfl before you add to his salads- place a piece of clothing w/ your smell on it or a little piece of fleece blanket in his hide he will know your scent then - depending on his personality it may take a while or it may not- he will haft to learn your trust-

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You will be fine with him, he will bond with you more quickly than you realize! They are very
forgiving. A lot of them get stressed over baths but he might get over his fear of them so just
be patient with him.


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