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Hi everyone :)

I'm keen to know the optimal set up to allow Spyro (our beardie) to be more free range in the house. In the room he is located is it a case of just situating the viv on the floor with the cool end glass door open enough for him to come and go at will?! do you block off little nooks and cranny's?! (for example getting behind a wardrobe!)

If we took him in another room for a few hours or traveled with him for a day or 2, what is the optimum set up ( i'm thinking a hanging Mercury light it this an adequate way forward?!) .

I'd love to see photos of what people do in these situations and receive any advice.





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I know poster CooperDragon has a setup like what you describe. You might want to PM him if he doesn't happen to see this post.

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You get to know their hiding places after a while, but it's good to block off areas you can't reach that they might get caught in. Need to keep the floor clean so no small bits can be ingested accidentally. I like using adjustable lamp stands (or clamps if I have a table or shelf at the right height (around 12'')). I have one halogen bulb in the dining room, one mercury vapor bulb in the kitchen, and one in the living room to complete 3 basking spots around the house. 1 is enough, but I like to provide the option for just heat or heat with UVB. Darwin roams around freely when I'm home. There is also a small dog bed in the window sill that he likes to sit in. He doesn't have easy access to that though so I have to put him in there and watch for when he's ready to get down.





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CooperDragon is actually the one I learned my setup from. I currently have one regular basking bulb out for Tampi when she runs around the house, however I'm looking into getting an MVB and possibly setting up a second space just in case she decides to go outside her usual free roam spot. Beardie proofing is a bit tricky in that one you think you've covered all the places, they find new ones! Luckily for me, it didn't take long since my place is super small and she doesn't have many places to try to shimmy into now that she's bigger. My little setup is below. I also have a cat tower that she lies on to stare out the window and I have to put her up there myself.



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HerpGirl":nirfbwhf said:
Every time I take Sam out, she poops on my carpet. Poop on carpet=Angry roommate and mom! :roll:

Happens to all of us sometimes =).

Pick up with a paper towel.
Spray Zep carpet shampoo on the area.
Scrub with a damp rag then wipe the excess shampoo.
Spray area with F10 to sanitize.

They can learn through routine so if you can keep them in an area that's easy to clean like tile or vinyl flooring until they go, they'll eventually learn that's the place to go (for the most part).

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Lucky Spyro, free roam is so great for them! If you can swing it then he will definitely
benefit from the freedom & exercise. As long as he is safe from other pets in the house
& it is beardie proofed to be safe there is nothing wrong with allowing a living environment
such as free roam.



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Thanks everyo0ne, this is really helpful. once Spyro is up and eating / pooping better I will activate project roam! appreciate all the images, super helpful.
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