Finally Finished New Enclosure - Instructions Coming Soon

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It took me what seemed like forever, but I finally finished Nylla's enclosure. I had all the materials to build it but had knee surgery 2 Friday's ago so I've been gimping around a little every night for a week working on it.

It's all wood and plexiglass and only weighs about 20 to 25lbs. This time I took notes and pictures so I will post instructions when I have a little time. Cheryl



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Hey there Neighbor (Florida)

Looks great !!

I'd love to see your instructions......Id like to build the same enclosure and it's quite possible you have the same stores as I do :D Please post when you are able.

Where did you find the circular vents....that is one I haven't found yet.....

As for knee surgery - been there, done that...can e very callenging to get anyting wishes for a speedy recovery.

Take care.


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Hi de ho neighbor!

I'm almost done with the list of materials, I'm hoping Lorna will help me with wording the instructions. When I sit down to write them, my A.D.D. kicks in and I start drooling. I'm just a doer and can never do the same thing twice exactly the same much less write it down.

The 2" circular vents in white plastic are in the building materials section at Home Depot with the soffit materials. A six pack is a little over $8. Lowes also has them in 2" for $6.?? and 3" for $10.??, but they're made out of aluminum. You could paint them any color. Lowes also has flat louvered vents in wide & skinny (16" x 3") made from aluminum in brown and white for $1.65 and metal colored for $1.27. They have 3 sets of louvers which I cut into 3x3's, drilled a 2" hole with a hole saw and put one over it in the top in front of the light to help get the temp down a couple degrees.

To be continued... gotta get back to making the rack for 2 enclosures. Also have "Beardie Furniture" made from marble tiles.



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Cheryl! Love the enclosure. I can't believe it weighs so little. Looks very similar to Oscar's viv which I swear weighs 200lbs, LOL

I will help you with what you need. :)
Thanks for posting the pictures!


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Oh and Ouch for the knee surgery. I too have been there and must go there again. Hope it heals well and quickly for you.


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Looks good Cant wait for more pics, i need to build 2 more enclosures and have not decided what i am going to do yet so, this should be interesting


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Have you had any problems with the plexi getting scratched from the inside? Ends up looking foggy well guess depending on how much the beardies like climbing up glass. Their little nails do wonders on plexiglass it seems like.


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It took me forever but I finally finished the instructions after building two more enclosures. Mine was actually 2ft x 3ft but I modified the instructions to make it a 2ft x 4ft. The last one with sliding doors came out really good. Let me know if you have any questions. It can easily be modified to suit any taste.
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