Filling Himself Up With Air?

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Hi everyone!

Roger is doing really well, loves his greens and is growing like a champ!

However, he does this when I put him in the bath: The second he touches the water, he will fill himself up with air like a balloon! Is he doing this because he's afraid of drowning? I make sure not to fill it up much at all, he just needed a little bath because he was dirty.

How can I help him stop doing this? I feel bad because it's clear he doesn't like it, and I also don't like the thought of him holding his breath.

Pics attached to show what exactly it looks like he's doing, but trust me, he's definitely filling up with air. You can tell when you feel his belly. He continues to hold his breath for a bit out of the water until he knows for sure I won't put him back, lol.

He's beautiful! My beardie does the same thing when bathing. I think it's so they can float easier in water. Beardies can swim, but they can get tired easily ( if you let him swim I would watch him the entire time). There's nothing to worry about!


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Great! He just doesn't move at all, just keeps holding his breath til I take him out :( Maybe he'll get used to it eventually! Thanks.
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