Feed him out of the cage or dump the crickets in the cage?

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Do you take your beardie out of the cage to feed him or do you dump all your crickets in the cage and let him catch them?

I take mine out and I usually end up with an escape every now and then (which sucks), but I'm afraid the crickets would be able to hide if I just dumped them into his cage. The last thing I want is for the crickets to hide under rocks for weeks on end and never be caught.


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I take them out. I buy mine in bulk so I don't have any more problems with escapees than normal. I started the habit when one of mine hurt his leg, and I'm liking it much better. No hiding crickets and their cages are cleaner. No more vitamin dust, dead crickets or moltings to clean out. Now I just dump all that crap into the trash, and wash the feeding container with my dishes.


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I take mine out of their viv and put them into a seperate tank to eat. Too many hiding spots for the crickets in their tanks. And, sometimes Mickey doesn't eat them right away and I have to put her back in her viv, and try again later.
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