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Hi my name is Jada. Recently we can across 3 bearded dragons. They were taken from a place of neglect. None of us have experience properly taking care of them. One of the dragons started passing what looks like a plastic bag. They've been doing it for a could of days now. I'm not sure of the dragons gender or how I can help it. We've been feeding them crickets and meal worms from. I live in a household where it seems no one wants to help it properly. It seems to be in so much pain. Someone please get back to me soon.
I’d suggest putting them in large TEMPORARY sterilite bins that you can find at dollar tree or really anywhere. You want to make sure that has ventilation and you will want some sort of heat and uvb and ofc a hide or 2 and maybe some fake plants. with that so maybe a heat pad on the side of the bin or something with a digital thermometer and ofc the uvb. You need to feed them salad everyday and bugs every other day - every 3 days. I use Dubia roaches but some good options are silkworms and crickets. They like variety. You also need to bring them to the vet asap. I’d suggest also getting Reptisafe for their water .


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Where are you located? Just wondering how else we can help. Please share if you are willing so maybe we can reach out to someone more local to you for help with extra assistance. Thank you for trying to help. Poor babies. Please share any other pics you can too. Good luck.


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How are things going? That is awful they are so neglected. The one pictured appears to have
fungal issues, possibly. Has he passed the plastic bag yet? That is terrible, poor thing. His color
is definitely not good, he is in a good amount of distress right now, but you can't blame him.
Have you been able to separate them at all? I realize the situation so it's difficult to get everything
all setup, etc for them.
Let us know how things are going.



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Hazel my female two year old beardie
Hi there!
Poor thing! I got mine from Petco and she was on a kill list if not sold in 6 weeks as she has been taken back three times to the store. It's sad how people neglect poor innocent animals. I hope you give them the better life they deserve


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How is your dragon doing? Has he passed the bag through I hope?
Please keep us updated on everything!


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