dragon ate plastic..

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Not too sure if it was plastic that Croc just ate.

He was out for a run on the floor and I heard him crunching something or trying to and it sounded like plastic like as hard as a pen lid sort of thing but as soon as I got to him he had swallowed it.. he doesnt seem affected by it now but what will happen? could he poo it out? i live in the uk and at the minute its 10 past 8 in the evening so we cant get to a vet..


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How is Croc doing now? You may want to try a warm bath, or maybe some sugar free baby food apple juice or some olive oil to help get things moving.


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Hes normal being lively and he had a couple of crickets. His color is normal hasn't black bearded or anything.. thats what is making me think it might not of been plastic that he ate. Running him a bath now gonna massage his belly while he is in there although he had a poo about 2 hours ago so nohting might be ready to comeout just yet. I just hope my baby wil be ok :(


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Well he has just had his bath which was also his first big bath (he seemed to float and get lots of air inside him as if he was acting like a life jacket is that normal?) he didn't poo while in there and now he is basking.. doesn't seem to be too bothered though


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i too live in the uk and its very very frustrating when an emergency crops up and no vet can see to them because their exotics! real annoying as 3 of my reptiles have decided to have emergencies late evenings and ive panicked all night till morning till i can get them to my vet in romford :banghead:

well keep a close eye on him and continue with the baths, yes the blowing up like a life jacket (never heard that one before, lol) is normal, mine do it, especially in the bath, they blow up like a balloon and their ready to pop and just let their back legs sway in the water behind them, its quite funny, they do it to float, they can also do it through shedding or stretching or when they feel threatened and they puff their beards up, black beard you and puff their bodies up, they do look quite amusing, lol, trying to look all big and hard, hehe, bless them.

if he doesnt go poopy in a while then bath him with the water just above his elbows and massage the right underside of him from his arm pit to his vent in very very gentle circular motions and if you feel a lump very gently massage that to try to break it down, keep an eye out for any lethargic behaviour, the obvious stress marks, dark colours and black beards, refusal to eat. if he doesnt do any of that then he should be alright.
good luck.


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He has had 3 or 4 poos today so I dont think he ate plastic.. maybe one of them rainbow drop corn sweet things. He likes to give me a scare :)
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