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Hi there, was wondering if it would be a good idea to switch out the 55 gallon aquarium for a 4foot display case? Found a glass front and top case that is 4 foot long, probably 2 to 2 1/2 foot deep and probably 3 foot high. Will give dino lots more room to move around and climb. It has sliding doors on the back that are wood. Just wondering how you guys would go about transforming it into a proper enclosure. The top class is removable so i could get some wood and make the cut outs for his lamps. Not too sure about placing his ubv light, its a 24 inch reptisun. Should i place that uptop as well and give him a platform that is high enough to soak the rays or should i place that lower inside the case? any ideas are welcome, but for $50 dollars id hate to pass it up. She has 2 cases for this price but our new rental home is not big enough to have 2 or id proably buy another beardie to provide for. Thanks everyone
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