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My 8 month old beardie has been having terrible stools for a few weeks now. Watery diarrhea with some of it being formed but most of it is a huge puddle of just liquid. It smells just straight up awful!! His basking temps are about 90 degrees and we use the t5 uvb tube light that was recommended from someone on here. He is so picky with salads and will only eat kale, just kale. His staple insects are crickets. I have not given him kale for the past 2 days to see if that is the problem. He is still active when it’s time to eat and will bask most of the day. He’s always been a pretty lazy dragon.

any recommendations before I take him to the vet on what could be going on? Normal stool should be completely formed right?


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Normal stool isn't always completely formed, but since this is a change from the normal, and has been going on for a few weeks it's probably worth having checked out. If it's smellier than usual (it's poop, so it's smelly in general) then it may be caused by parasites. A good vet will usually want to set up an exam and request a fresh (refrigerated if possible) sample to test for parasites. Generally, these cases respond well to treatment when combined with a thorough cleaning and sanitization routine. It's just a matter of testing it out to see what is causing the issue (if a parasite is present) and attack it with the appropriate meds.

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