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my beardy spike who is a girl she has been fat for a long time think she has eggs and she has been digging non stop in her cage i put in a lay box with moisened sand but she will not toutch it instead she diggs at the cage all day long now her nails are almost completly gone and her one toe is bleeding all over the place what can i do to get her to just dig a hole and lay the eggs already she has been doing this for like 3 weeks now wil they not lay if the male is present in the cage even if it is devided she has not breed yet the male is only 5 or 6 months old and have never been together some one help me please


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you can also start a hole for her. If you hold her at the entrance of a hole you started for her instinct will kick in after a minute or two and she will start digging.
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