Des' Thread 03-24-12

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Des' my first dragon. He is really a good boy. Great attitude, loves to come out and explore, sit on my shoulder, just all around the kind of dragon I wanted for my first one.
He grew up on my lack of knowledge, has always hung strong. Mostly ate crickets when he was young, with the occasional reptiworm or silkworm. After he hit 16 inches he wouldn't touch another cricket since he had a taste for superworms.

The last few months he had given me a scare, as he has been really picky on what he wants to eat. Some days it will be superworms other days he only wanted hornworms. Then I found butterworms. He will eat these worms almost any day of the week. He is still spoiled and thinks he is king as I went through allot, babying him by hand feeding every morning and evening. This is really the only way he will eat on a good basis. He had dropped a few grams from 335 to 325 when I tried to induce tough love.

As of today, on the beginning of his own thread, I am proud to state he weighs 350g. Still @ 17.75inches in length. I believe Des to be about 1 year ~2 months old.

Here are some pictures of my oldest boy Des-








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Hahaha! :mrgreen:

Des looks good! It's nice hearing he was happy to come out. Remind me of little puppies :)



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How did I miss seeing Des this whole time? He is very " dragonly ". I love his spikes! I bet they are even more impressive when he flares his beard. I would love to see a pic of that btw.
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