Crickets or Repashy for Crestie??

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Hi, I have a young crestie, about 5 or 6 months. He's been on repashy for most of the time, but last night, I gave him a small dusted cricket for a treat, and he reacted amazingly!!! He grabbed the cricket, slammed it against the wall, and ate it. So, my question; What do your cresties prefer???????? :D


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Not my gecko, apparently. He refuses to eat any repashy now that he has identified crickets. He also really enjoys mealworms, phoenix worms, pretty much any living thing that can fit in his mouth.


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They are like most omnivorous young, in that they will gladly eat more live prey when growing at a fast rate, and then slow down on it as they get older. I would, like with dragons, provide the fruit mix consistently while still feeding the live prey too.


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if he/she wont go for repashy try other diets
clarks,pangea,big fat gecko theres so many but repashys latest one alot havent liked also a bug only diet is unhealthy for them and wont give them their correct supplement

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Are you giving a meal replacement as well? Just berries and mango probably won't be balanced enough long term.


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I like to start off my babies on a mixture between repashy and baby food making it more sweet for them for the first three months of their life. Once you add crickets into the picture it really hypes them up, and if youngens are together, tail nibing can occur. So I reframe feeding crickets to crested geckos until their about 4 months old. By then they have become custom to repashy then you can feed crickets once a week to give protein and to keep them alert. I think its important to have a 3:4 ratio of a fruit mix to insects. This has made mine very healthy active cresties!
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