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So i have only ordered feeders on the internet twice, so i'm kinda new to it. Anyway i ordered from this one site and the first time my fiance ordered them too small. The second time we ordered them, i ordered 3/8 and well while some of them were that size, a lot were bigger. There were full on adults in it which are way too big for Kratos. It also came with some other random bugs that somehow got in the boxes. I emailed the site telling them i was unhappy with my shipment. They assured me the other bugs that were in the shipment were fine for my beardie to eat, i told them the sizes they sent me were too big, and they asked what size i wanted as opposed to what i ordered.... uh i ordered the size i wanted, they just didn't send them to me. Anyway they asked for my info and once they received it the response i got was "got it, thanks." That was it... i figured I'd wait till the next day and see what happened. Still no email from them, so i was prepared to email them and ask what was going on since they left me such a vague response. To my surprise my fiance showed me a shipping order that they had sent free of charge. I was shocked and very happy to see that they cared enough about our business to make the situation right. Only problem was the day i received my shipment... they sent me the same size again... i gave up lol.

What are some of your bad/good stories ordering your feeders online?


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cricket orders can be tricky sometimes, but like your experience the supplier will always try to do right by you. It took me a few times to get the right sizes for my beardie. One time when she was little they sent me these huge man-eating crickets ( ok compared to what i had been feeding her) and i couldnt feed them to her cause i was worried she'd choke, impaction, etc. so they sent me a replacement order and i ended up taking the giant crickets up into the canyon to set them free. fast-forward a year or so later (now my beardie is full grown) and i placed an order for the largest crickets i could get, and got this shipment of man-eating crickets. now she's big enough for them.

also, just gutload the dinky crickets and feed them to your lizard, they are alledgedly softer than full grown crickets anyway...or keep them a few weeks and they'll get bigger :)

those little black worms that come in the box wont hurt your beardie. i used to pick them out though and throw them away.
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