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So, the top of my bearded dragon’s enclosure is a popular place for the cats. It’s up off the ground, there’s a neat grate to lay on, and the basking lamp is right next to them so it’s nice and warm, too. They don’t care about the dragon, and the dragon doesn’t seem to care about them. They appear to have mutually agreed to treat each other as inanimate objects that occasionally move. I’ve long since given up on keeping them off, because the cats are sneaky bastards who will just get back on it anyway. This is relevant, because…

My cats have developed a flea problem, and when they lay on top of the cage, their fleas will fall in and get trapped with Miles. I did a deep clean the first time I found out about this (three days ago) and there are already some in the cage again.

We’re working on the flea issue with the cats, but in the meantime I need some way to get rid of the fleas in the cage. Dumping out his substrate gets really expensive, really fast.

So, is there a spray or substance that can be put in the enclosure with him to kill the fleas, without harming Miles in any way? I’ve considered diatomaceous earth, but I’ve heard some alarming things about what could happen if he breathes it in.

Edit: Shuri helpfully came along and demonstrated the cause of the problem for me. Note the perfectly good cat tree in the foreground that she is ignoring.


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Don't use DE, will harm your dragon too.

You might just have to dump everything and do a deep clean, and then prevent your cats from getting near the tank until the flea issue is solved.


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