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Dragon Wipes - Create your own wipes to clean your bearded dragon's enclosure and furniture

After finally getting the linoleum I wanted in Lucy's viv, I couldn't figure out how I was going to clean up the poop. My first option was to use a vinegar/water solution in a spray bottle, but I didn't have a spray bottle. A spray bottle would probably terrify her and I wouldn't want her breathing in the vapor...


What You Need​

An old used baby wipe container or one you've taken the wipes out of
Half sheet paper towels or whole sheets cut in...

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TeachersPetDragon":3n9ejtre said:
Do you use 50% vinegar 50% water?

Yes, I do. What I'd like to try is something more deodorizing. But this usually does the trick if I get it right away.

If anyone has any other solutions they use or reptile cleaners (preferably low cost in this situation), please post them here!

I've always used this solution with pets because its gentle, safe, sanitizing, AND CHEAP!

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