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Yes Coccidia, it's a major pain to get under control.
I’m not an expert in this, but I’d venture to say not. Probably would want/need to do a more thorough cleaning in that particular case.

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Agreed. Most disinfectants won't kill Coccidia, it takes ammonia or high heat, both have to be in contact for 10ish minutes to kill it. Of course ammonia has it's own drawbacks, the fumes are dangerous to beardies, it has to be aired out to zero fumes. Once it's under control f10 or chlorhexidine can be used to keep it under control. The biggest thing is keeping the habitat sanitized in the first place. The life cycle of Coccidia requires it to be pooped out and reingested. If you stop it from being reingested thats how you cure it. The normal ammount in their gut the body can handle, it's when they ingest it that it explodes into an infection.
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