Burmation?7 months? is thsi ok?? any help appreciated!

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hey guys!
i orginally posted this in Behaviors, but since it pertains to overall health, i thought i might get some views on the Health forum ....
its Emily and Miss Blue here .... and this is going to be my first time dealing with a possible burmation or "semi-burmation" ... i really dont know what im talking about so i apologize if this is random!!!

OK! so, in the last, hmmm, 3 weeks Blue had been slowing down. She is SO slow to get out of her bed in the AM, i mean sometimes i think she stays in her blanket until at least 12pm or more, not always, but alot more lately ... i get home from work by 3 so she is usually out, but i HAVE seen her still in her bed on rare ocassion latley.
If i do decide to put her towards her basking spot BEFORE i leave in the AM, she is almost always on her cool side curled up, sleepy looking when i get home, pretty dark and what not.
Blue DOES stil have an appetite for live foods, but has gone off her collards and other greens completely. so, i feed the greens to her supers, and she eats butters and pheonix worms as well.

She is just SO lethargic, or sluggish i should say, YET alert, she is aware of her surroundings and me, she doesnt SEEM to be ill in any way but with i just dont know ... i still bathe her daily, she is alert and loves to be in in the sink.
Her poops really nice formed poops, the urate is great, and they are daily (yet now she seems to only go in the bath, which is something she got into the habit of doing when she was younger, works for me, i kinda wanted it that way anyhow, ha!)

So she is still in the SAME routine as she has always been in on my end (feeding time, bath time, lights on/off, none of that has changed)

her basking SPOT temps are about 100 - 103, ambient hot side in the upper 90's, and her cool side runs around 82- 84. (these temps vary be a degree or two depending on the house temps natural flucuations)

Lights off at night ... she is on a 6:30AM - 7:30PM DAY schedule

Viv: 48x20x18

Substrate: Tile

UVB: inside mounted Reptisun 10.0 ... can get as close as 6 inches to linear reptisun 10.0 and can get as far away as needed

Food: Collards and Mustards (not eating them) Supers, Pheonix, Butters (is eating them) Dubia shipment should arrive this week, hopefully tomorrow

Vitamins and calcium dustng: yes, vitamin dusting 3 times a week, calcium dusting once a meal daily unless its all pheonix worms that day.

Basking light: 75 watt household bulb

Thermometers: three: Accurite w. probe on one ends .... Zilla with probe on the other end ... Infra-red TEMP GUN to always double check the readings.

Hydration: daily warm water soaks ( she loves them omg she loves them)

She is a REALLLLLLLLLLY chill beardie, always has been (after baby-hood ofcourse - hyper!!) she just has a very laid back, chill, snuggling personality. She gets handled everday, she is super SUPER sweet. BUT, her activity level has dropped off as we started into October. The weather outside has been MUCH chillier, all that, so it leads me to believe this could be some sort of juvenile "semi burmation" ??
if there is really such a thing?
AND .... is 7 months too young to be showing signs of any sort of burmation?
Blue is 15 inches btw, and her last full shed was i BELIEVE 9/14/11 ... a tiny bit over a month ago.

ANY info is soooooooo much appreciated. Its like im worried, but im not. if that makes sense ... im used to seeng her prancing around and what not, now she is like pretty much a BEARDED SLUG o_O - a beautiful one though! i dont have a weight on her, but she is a chubby belly girl so underweight is not a problem, maybe a bit overweight, i will get a picture up. I came home this afternoon at 3:30 and she hadnt gotten out of her bed, she was awake and sticking her head up and out, but tired looking. i fed her pheonix worms which she gobbled up and i out her on her rocks to bask.
I looked her over for signs of shedding but i dont see any typical signs she usually displays on her scales before a shed.

~ last shed correction: body/limb shed 9/14
tail shed 9/27

THANKS TO EVERYONE who has any input, we are first time possible burmaters!!!!!!!!
~Emily and MIss Blue


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here is pic of Blue basking abotu a week ago (kind of a forced bask, i put her there, but she did stay for quite a while)


and here is a visual of her viv to go with my description


thanks so much everyone, this is so unlike her.
~Emiyl and Blue
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