Bump on his tail and wierd movement!!!!

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Ok my beardie angel is about 1 year old and today i noticed that he has a bump on the beginning of his tail(the end close to his spine) and he is moving very wierd, almost as if i was trying to pick him up and he was running in fear...he is moving all over his tank and he has never done this be4...

Not sure if this is anything serious but if it is please tell me what i should do because i am very worried.

Please forgive me if i shouldn't of posted this here but i am afraid this is 2 serious.


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A lot of times, that bump is an indicator of MBD.
Can you post a picture?

What are his temps, and how do you measure them?
What do you use for a UVB source? Type, such as tube, coil, MVB? How old is it?
Do you supplement your food with calcium and vitamins?


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Please do answer those questions. It sounds as if he is having metabolic bone issues due to lack of UVB exposure & inappropriate calcium absorption. Can you post a picture of the bump on the base of the tail, please?

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