Bringing bearded dragon for display

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hey for school in april i did a project for science fair and i need to bring my bearded dragon if possible i already have a temporary habitat but should i keep it warm with a heating pad what should i do it is going to be outside for a while


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Depending on where you live and the temperature it could be very dangerous to have your bearded dragon outside. Also heat pads are definitely a no no.

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If you have access to electrical outlets [ I imagine you will ?] then you can bring a light/ heat source and keep it over the temporary enclosure. Bring a few different watt bulbs with you, so you can be ready for lower/ higher temps. If you will be out in full sun and it's hot in your area, you won't need any extra heat, but would need a set up that would allow air flow and partial shade. If you can determine these things the week of the fair, you can plan ahead. I hope your dragon is a friendly one and won't mind the attention !!
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