Black Bearding and Hiding

Hi Everyone,

My beardie Fire has always been a very chill guy and the only time he's black bearded was when he was temporarily housed in the same room as another bearded dragon. When I saw him this morning, his beard was super black and he was hiding. Now he's out in the open and walking around, but his beard's still black. His temps are fine, I checked but I don't know what could be stressing him out this much. He is shedding his back thigh right now, but he's never done anything like this when shedding before. He also was in his hide most of yesterday and hasn't used the bathroom in over a week. I'm starting to get concerned that he might be getting sick, but I want more opinions on what I should do. Can they get allergies? I attached a few pics of him today to this post. Thanks!
What a pretty boi!!! I’m not sure about allergies, but he definitely needs to poop! Try a lukewarm soak, and lightly/gently massage towards his vent. Don’t push to hard though! Make sure to use water conditioner as well!

Ps: one way to learn if they are getting sick, weigh them once a week—if you’re paranoid like me— (or just twice a month) ❤️
good luck!
Hey guys,

He just started black bearding again and I'm not sure what from.
I don't know of anything that could be stressing him out, he's not still w/ the other beardie.
We don't have any cats or dogs, we have a crested gecko and hamster, but they're in separate cages and have lived in the same room with Fire their whole life. Could he be sick? What other signs should I look for? It's been going on and off all day today. He's not doing it any more at the moment, but he was like ten minutes ago. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!
Try cleaning out the whole enclosure. Like someone said earlier, there might be a bug running rampant!

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