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I'm planning on making the switch to bioactive for my ball python, Bendy. Does anyone have any opinions on Josh's frogs products? Specifically plants, ABG mix, drainage layers, and their bioactive kits? I know the BioDude is very popular and well known, but if I can save almost 1/2 as much money.. might as well :wink:


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I don't know as much about Josh's frogs but I have heard good things from them. Personally I've been getting my substrates from FrogDaddy and I've loved his substrates, I use them for my geckos and probably will use them for any future snakes.

He was great too, took a while to talk to me about how the substrates work and how bioactive works as well. And it was pretty cheap too, I think I got my bag of substrate for only $10 I believe, and like $6-$8 for the large bag of drainage balls.

Also if you're setting up a Bioactive ball python enclosure, this video might help you. :)
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