Beardies faking it?

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Is it possible for my beardies to go through the breeding motions but not actually get it right?

While we placed them together, he head bobbed and she responded. They definitely "went through the motions" complete with him biting her neck folds, scrambling around and lots of arm waving..

It was never possible to tell if they actually accomplished the goal

Has anyone else had this experience? Other than waiting for signs of her being gravid is there another way to be sure? :?


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in my experience, which ive seen this MANY times with my pair. as im having troubles between dominance and submission.

the female probably wont let him complete it, either she isnt ready, or wants him to be stronger and more agressive before she gives in. sort of like, making sure the strong and dominant get to breed, not to weak and submissive poor genes.

at the moment, my female is dominant, and she will bob, squirm and kick to get him off.. she WILL allow it, but she will put up a fight. you will know when they are actually breeding, as his hemipenes will come out, and into her. as his tail wraps round her, and he will calm and be 'love languid'... be careful that she doesnt kick, and harm his hemipenes..

as with most animals, applying a gentle pinch, or presure to the neck shows dominance. if your female is too dominant, i give a gentle hold, so she becomes submissive. then, the male might try and succeed seeing her submissiveness.. of course, it is possible she isnt prepared, old enough or ready for the season ahead.

you should suppliment her feeding WELL before breeding occurs. and i must congratulate you on being mature, caring, and intelligent enough to separate them, especially during this season. allowing supervised breeding attempts.
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