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I'll get pics when he next takes a bath, but I've noticed Jupiter likes to completely submerge himself in the tub. If the water is running, he'll hold his breath, eyes open, under the waterfall. When I shut it off he swims around. I haven't timed him, or let him stay under longer than about 20 seconds becaues I worry. Anyone else have a diving beardie?


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mine have swam underwater. They do have the ability. They squirm their bodies like snakes through the water and seem to enjoy it.


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Puff does that once in a while mainly after he drinks for a bit. It was about 30 sec or so. I don't worry about him to much cause he seems to know what he's doing he's 5-6 years old. I'm right there just in case but I thought it was odd at 1st but figured why not lol. My son loved it cause he's just getting used to holding his breath underwater so him and puff have something else in common besides eating the superworms! I'm kidding don't go calling child services I put the powder on them 1st lol


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Well, they say you shouldn't feed anything to your dragons that you wouldn't eat... Not saying I have gone so far as to sample the BSF's, but I hold to it on most of my babies food. You're good ;)


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i have two girls four month old, they are use to there ruteen (cant spell that) now and crystal go nuts on a morning coz she knows she has a morning and evening dip rather than a water bowl. she swims the whole lenght of my bath under water shakes herself off and does it again then poops. shes a proper water baby that one. yet amber just looks at her as though she is stupid. lol


I'm thinking that this is how they get their heads wet to absorb water! Since their skin is semi-permeable and soaks water up to stay hydrated I think that by diving, they get their entire head and neck and body soaked so they their skin is nice and quenched! My girls always done this, and she's almost three so it must be normal if she's done it for that long! Also, my bf's beardie does the same thing when he is in his bath! I think this is rather popular with these little guys so it must have something to do with quenching their skin!


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Gobi loves to do that she will swim and swim but Amigo hates to take a bath. Cadmus loves the water too. Ash just sits there and stares at you til you take her out.

Gobi gets mad when you take her out of the tub and will bite at you if you aren't careful. You have to drain the tub and let her sit there first before you can get her out.


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YES!! Dewey LOVES bath time. He loves to go for a good swim. :)


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