beardie needing operation. wish her luck pretty pls!

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hello all
a quick rundown on my girl, Venus. shes 2 1/2 years old.
she hasnt eaten in 3 weeks, shes dark in colour, stress marks and inactive, got her to the vet on friday and they have kept her in, she has a massive mass in the back of her throat, sort of in her beard, shes being operated on this morning to have it removed, my poor baby, am extremely worried as she is a bit overweight and the vet fears she has fatty liver disease also so the surgery is real risky but hoping she will pull through ok, ive missed her this past weekend! her lil face when i left her with the vet was heart wrenching.

so just wanted to ask of everyone to wish her loads of luck, hope and lots of love!
thanx all.

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Oh Anny...I am so sorry to hear that Venus needs surgery. :(
I have my fingers crossed that everything goes well and you have your sweet girl home soon.
Hugs and Prayers to you!
Please let us know how she is doing after her surgery.


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hello all
wow thanx for the well wishes, she made it through her surgery ok, not sure if they got all the mass or not and as far as i know they didnt need to cut her open but went through her mouth, i was hoping to have been able to pick her up but their keeping her in again tonight for observation to make sure shes 100% before they send her home. apparently she has lots of stitches! eeek! loads of tlc and syringe feeding coming up i see. well nothing more to report as i havent been able to speak to the vet directly but tomorrow i will when i can pick her up. will be calling them at 11am to find out when she can come home. so will let you all know then.
thanx all


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hey all
called the vets and she can come home :blob5: :blob8:
am picking her up at 1300 so will update then.


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hello all
well were back from vets and my lil girls finally home. yay!
they removed the majority of the mass but not all completely, i didnt quite understand why that was again, they did explain it but cant remember now.
shes had some antibiotics and is now on a bodybuilder type injection to help her break down fats better in her liver as she has now been diagnosed with fatty liver syndrome. poor girl! shes on a veg and green diet only as her body simply dont need protein for the moment, the vet said if she doesnt start eating her greens by thursday then critical care will then come into play.
shes due back thursday for another shot of antibiotics, these are to prevent infection not because she has an infection. then shes back again either the week after next or 2 weeks time for the vet to check her stitches, other than all that shes not too bad, shes got very light stress marks and no black beard. yay! :blob5: :blob8:
got all her blood tests back also which i will be posting to tracie, i know she likes those. lol

well heres my venus after settling back into her home, only got a couple of quick shots as not to alarm her.



will keep you updated on her progress.

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Poor little Venus! It's hard to imagine a beardie with stitches :(

She does look really good considering what she just went through.

Take care of your little girl. Hope she heals soon!

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Hello Anny,

I am so happy that everything went well with the surgery for Venus. I am sorry she has fatty liver disease. I PM'd you regarding some options for her. Did the vet give you critical care powdered food for her while she is recovering?
I will be thinking of you both & hope that she is feeling much better soon! :love5:
That is a very cute picture of her.



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thanx all, will continue to update.

@tracie: yep mischief seems to have picked up already and was basking last night the little devil, lol, hes still holding his mouth open though, the vet said if hes still doing it next week then hes going to have to go back for further antibiotics.
venus was feeling ultra sorry for herself last night, she had a slight black beard and stress marks contiously since last night now and is still the same this morning but i think that is to be expected. shes been hiding under her blankie, bless her, she had her cuddles last night though before bedtime.
yep they are positive it is a fatty mass so no need for a biopsy.
the vets concerned with the LDH and AST also, the things you recommended will be asking about when she goes back thursday but she is on the laurabolin injection, which is the same one skitzy was on a little while ago, the bodybuilding thing. lol.
the vet has already asked me if i have critical care and i dont but he said if she hasnt eaten on her own by thursday then he will give me some so i can start her on that. hes not really expecting her to eat though. i really really hope we can get those levels down i dont want her in liver failure or anything, thats terrifying!
well am on a late at work today so dont finish till 2030. will keep you posted.
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