Beardie is Gonna Eat Me Out Of a Home...

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As the title above says, my juvenile beardie eats A LOT everyday. On average, he eats 20-30 reptiworms every meal time. He'd probably eat an entire basket of greens and vegetables if I didn't stop him too. Anyways, that's about 40-60 worms a day. That means I'd have to buy about 50$ worth of reptiworms every month.

Is there a more affordable way to feed him?

I'm only 15 and hopefully gonna get a job soon, but my family doesn't have a lot of money... so idk what to do.


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Start a Dubai roach colony, easy to raise, don't stink, can't infest a home (100° breeding temp) and full of good nutrients.

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Start your own cricket , roach colonies , maybe buy a few hundred silkworm eggs to hatch and start your own silkworm colonies (so you new silkworms hatching every month or so). Can probably do the same with reptiworms too.

Cricket and roach colonies are probably more bother than they are worth for only one beardie.

Or buy your bugs in bulk from online sellers rather than paying through the nose for dubious privilege of buying from the local pet shop..

Might be a good idea to switch over to silkworms if he's eating so many calciworms in a sitting.

Silkworms grow to about 3-3.5 inches long and are a great feeder insect and a very good staple feeder for a growing beardie.
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