Beardie in Portland Needs a Home

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We are a small family that travels a lot, and have taken in a bearded dragon from a friend who was moving into a smaller home. We researched and researched and thought we could do it, but our schedules and finances have made it difficult. He's around 18 months old and 19" long. He eats (veggies and worms and cockroaches), bathes, and poops well. We've had appropriate lighting, no sand, and fairly good care so far.

I don't like the idea of our beardie getting anything less than a very attentive and loving home, though, so I'm looking into rehoming him. We travel quite a bit, for long periods of time, and haven't found anyone who has been a good fit for watching him while we're away. We'd be willing to drive to meet someone, if necessary. Everything he needs comes with him, and of course we're not asking for any money.

Let me know if you think he'd be a good addition to your life!


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Hi my name is Chelsea I live in centralia WA but I'm willing to travel to longview if you still have your lizard. I have 1 beardi who is 2 years old that I rescued and I'm looking to expand we have 3 kids and 4 adults so there is always someone home to spoil them :). If possible will you pls message me back thank you :D
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