beardie baby-sitter or kennel in Minneapolis area?

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I was wondering if anyone knows of a good kennel for beardies, or a place that would look after a bearded dragon in the twin-cities area?

I will be going on vacation from July 1st - 6th, and need someone to watch after her. I am looking/asking now because I don't want to wait till the last minute!

Any possibilities, or maybe someone from this site could watch after her? I have a spare tank and everything you'd need to watch her, I would bring her to you, I would of course pay you also.

You would have to be a good beardie slave, because i love my little one to pieces. She is a good dragon and wouldn't give you any problems, and you would have to be very trust-worthy, I'm extremely nervous trying to figure out what to do!!!

I would appreciate any volunteers, or any ideas! Thank you! :)
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