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Hey guys i originally posted pics of tristans back worrying that it was yellow fungus. After a little debate I decided it came on too fast and hasnt spread so I have thought that it was a bad shedding.

My girl friend had taken tristan out of his tank, his skin had been stuck to somethin as he was shedding, when she lifted him out he got very angry and this was the after math. (she was devistated as she thought ye would all call her cruel but I can assure u she didnt notice his shed was caught on something.

These were the original photos. from bout 3 months ago



these are some updates from today. There doesnt appear to be any changes? he hasnt shed since so hopefully itl be ok on his next shed. Just wondering if any1 had any input on it?




P.S this had been an earlier post but was closed due to inactivity, mianly beacuase I had nothin to update as there has been no change in his condition.
Still eats like a horse, poops like and elephant and is very very active.


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I'm not 100% on this, but it looks like maybe when his shed got caught, it wasn't entirely ready to come loose yet. You know how they say not to "help" your dragon shed because it can damage the scales underneath? It looks like a patch of shed got taken off too early. I remember my first rescue had a really bad case of yellow fungus, and the fungus came off in clumps with the scales when I applied Lamisil. The result looked very similar to this. Unfortunately that dragon was unable to be saved, so I'm unsure if the damage was permanent or if it heals over time.

I can see a difference in the texture of that patch in the before/after pictures, though, so it might be healing up for you. I'm glad he's feeling okay though! :D
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